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Summer 2021: Session 180 (Changing the Game in Mental Health as a Black Man with Darius Washington)

According to a 1986 report by the American Psychology Association, the percentage of psychology PhDs awarded to men in 1975 was nearly 70%. As of 2015, the lack of men graduating with doctorates from psychology programs was both alarming and disappointing. But what's even more worrying is the number of Black men pursuing psychology. In essence, 76% of the students in US universities that earned psychology PhDs in 2015 were White, and only 5.8% of psychology PhDs were awarded to black students. Of that 5.8%, 68% were Black females, further demonstrating that black males are woefully under-represented in the world of psychology. Why is that, and how many of them are First-Gens? Although we need to applaud women's gains in psychology, the lack of enough men is increasingly worrying. Check out the full session notes: Book Dr. Eve: Grab your #firstgen goodies: Join The Evingerlean Worldwide Family:

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