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Summer 2021: Session 181 (How to Overcome the Fear of Entrepreneurship with Jhenai Chandler)

Did you know that most entrepreneurs are scared? They are scared of failing. They are scared of losing customers. They are scared that their friends were right — this was a ridiculous idea. And as intriguing as this may sound, some entrepreneurs are afraid of success. Yes, enormous amounts of success can provoke anxiety issues. So, how do the more successful first-gen entrepreneurs overcome fear? For the most part, fear is induced by a lack of knowledge and experience. Therefore, the first step would be to seek knowledge and experience from people, online resources, and friends. The second step is building the capability to take risks and embrace ventures into the unknown. Remember, the key is not in eliminating fears but rather in learning how to face them and keep showing up despite them. Check out the full session notes: Book Dr. Eve: Grab your #firstgen goodies: Join The Evingerlean Worldwide Family:

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