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Fall 2021: Session 184 (You Made A Mistake. So What? with Eve Hudson, Ph.D.)

We all make mistakes. Some are gut-wrenching, and others are minor that nobody ever notices something happened. Regardless of the size of the mistake, the worst thing anyone can do is attempt to sweep it under the rug. It's one thing admitting an error and totally another thing crossing your fingers, praying that nobody notices. Moral people don't make futile excuses or drag other people down with them. They own up to their mistakes and acknowledge that people are not their mistakes; people are defined by how they react to them. Remember, anyone who has ever dared to be great made a mistake at some point in their life. They just didn't let their mistakes stop them from trying. Check out the full session notes: Book Dr. Eve: Make History with Us at The First-Gen Shop:

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