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Fall 2021: Session 185 (Why Leaving a Corporate Job Might Be a Good Decision with Dr. Natalie Nagthall)

There are numerous benefits to working a corporate job. The job is often pretty well defined; employees boast a fairly good salary, health insurance, and for the most part, they don't have to worry about work once they leave the office. Sounds great, right? However, Gallup reports that only 30% of Americans are actively engaged at work. Which means most Americans wake up unhappy each morning thinking of quitting their job. Many people dream about leaving behind corporate life, but few actually make the leap. Making that massive leap comes with risks few are willing to take. The idea of giving up a steady paycheck leaves many people paralyzed with doubt of what the future holds. Yet, working just for the paycheque is not sustainable. Life is far too valuable to waste on something you don't like. 

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