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Fall 2021: Session 187 (Why You Need to Apply For a Scholarship with Aleanya Moore)

Did you know that in the US, only 0.3% of students get full-ride college scholarships? With such short odds, it can seem like there’s no point in applying for scholarships. Add that to how stressful the application processes can be, applying for scholarships can seem like additional stress that students would rather live without. However, there’s nothing quite fulfilling as going through college, getting a degree, and launching a career without having to spend a cent from your pocket. And it gets better when a person starts earning without worrying about student loans. As parents, mentors, elder siblings, we have a duty to talk to high schoolers about the benefits of getting a scholarship. And a lot of times, all this starts with getting good grades and taking high school more seriously. Check out the full session notes: Book Dr. Eve: Make History with Us at The First-Gen Shop:

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