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Fall 2021: Session 189 (Why Entrepreneurs Need to Target the Right Audience with Latrice Sampson Richardson)

Do Black people support each other? The answer to this hugely subjective question is both yes and no. First, Black people do support each other. In fact, they don’t just care about their families; they also care about the communities they live in. However, people in business who say Black people don't support each other often target the wrong audience. They complain that their families and friends do not support their hustle when, in fact, their products or services don't address their needs.

It's no secret; businesses that help and support other people will always attract an audience that supports them the same way. But, as a business person, it's unfair to depend on family and friends to be your customers. Entrepreneurs need to find the people who are most in need of their product or service and create a mutual relationship where customers spend money on things they actually need, and the business gets to allocate resources to the right efforts. Check out the full session notes: Join the movement:

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