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Fall 2021: Session 191 (Why Your Life Does Not Have to Follow a Traditional Timeline with Kimberly Martin)

The average age of a first-year law school student is about 24. And so when someone spends years in another profession and decides to try their hand at law later in life, it becomes a little complicated. For one, deciding to go to law school is a big decision, no matter the age. It demands huge financial commitments and significant time sacrifices. Add the age bias present in many industries and it can be challenging for older candidates to gain admission to law schools, secure internships, or find employment after graduation. 

But there's no doubt that it's always worth the sacrifice if a person has always wanted to practice law. While it's natural for people starting their professional life over to feel frustrated, don't let fears about being "too old" be a deterrent in deciding whether to go to law school. After all, as first-gens, we don’t follow traditional timelines. We write our own stories. Check out the full session notes: Join the movement:

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