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Fall 2021: Session 192 (When College Takes Longer Than Initially Anticipated with Dr. Echell Eady )

College is supposed to be, as they say, the best four years of your life. Students get the chance to create new friendships, memories, and experiences. Some cruise through with minimal effort, while others find it a bit of a struggle. But one thing's for sure; no two college journeys are the same. And for most undergrads, the thing that rings true is the idea of building a four-year plan: four years to graduate and get on with life. Yet, college life is never that straightforward, especially for first-gens. In 2016, Nationwide reported that the average student now takes 5.2 academic years to earn a bachelor's degree. But for our guest for today, Dr. Eady, her off-and-on journey lasted nine years. Check out the full session notes: Join the movement:

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