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Fall 2021: Session 194 (How to Use Your Voice to Influence Change with Dr. Sindy Augstin)

The best leaders use their voice to stand up for what's right rather than what is easy. And if there's one thing that rings true every time a person stands in front of an audience to implement change is that the voice can be quite powerful. When used with the best intentions at heart, the voice is a tool that transports us into the future-- a future full of possibilities, equality, and solutions. Unfortunately, far too many people have been silenced and shamed for trying to use their voices. And this is something that needs to stop because no two voices are the same. Everybody has something different to say, but everyone's voice matters. Therefore, we all need to start using our voices for the truth and not let ourselves become silenced. No matter where you come from or the issues you want to address, we can all influence change, and sometimes that starts by being the voice of the voiceless. Check out the full session notes: Join the movement:

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