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Fall 2021: Session 195 (Why You Need to Keep Learning If You Want Lifelong Success with April Tillet)

We are all born with an innate desire to learn. Kids go from discovering their toes, gripping, kicking, crawling, and before you know it, it's time to run. Children are like sponges for information--always anxious to learn new activities and how best to do them. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, we stop learning more than what is required of us. We begin to evade the challenges that don't fit our current skill sets and instead focus on the ones that show off our strengths. It doesn't matter how intelligent a person is; there is always room to learn more. The moment a person assumes they already know enough, that's the moment they stop growing. If you were to analyze the most successful people in the world today, the one thing that rings true for all of them is they are always learning—learning forms the core of most people's success. Don't fear it; embrace it. Check out the full session notes: Join the movement:

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