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Fall 2021: Session 198 (How I Nearly Quadrupled My Revenue with Eve Hudson, Ph.D.)

There’s a lot of advice out there on how to double or even triple your revenue. And to be honest, I feel like I’ve consumed it all. I’ve taken courses, attended conferences, read books, and obsessively analyzed my income reports; however, nothing beats trying things out yourself and learning from your experiences. And it all starts with having a plan. Business revenue will not increase without a plan to identify the desired outcome and the processes necessary to achieve it. My business almost quadrupled its annual revenue in 2021. And it wasn’t an accident, neither was it a fluke. It was a tactfully crafted plan combined with a fierce dedication to execution and setting boundaries. Nonetheless, it first required a shift in thinking and the understanding that my business is worth more than most people assume. 2021 has taught me that potential clients will never take a business seriously until the entrepreneur understands the value they bring to the table. Check out the full session notes: Join the Movement: Make History with Us:

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