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Spring 2022: Session 201 (How Being First-Generation in a BGLO has Changed My Life with Eve Hudson, Ph.D.)

I’ve been wanting to do a show about being a Black Greek for years. I never really got around to it because, if I’m for real, I hadn’t fully grasped how I wanted to approach it.

When I realized that this year’s founders' day actually fell on a Thursday in 20 TWENTY-TWO, the 10NINEth year of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., I just haadddd to finally make it happen. While there are several angles that I considered, I thought I’d start this conversation focusing on how being first-generation and a member of a Black Greek-letter organization (BGLO) has changed my life. Warning: I'm heavy on the Delta Sigma Theta this in one, but... in my defense... it's J13. (And, so you know now, I've been rounding up a Divine Nine First-Gen Squad because this is just the start of a series of conversations to come.) Check out the full session notes: Join the Movement:

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