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Spring 2022: Session 202 (History Notes: Grieving the Loss of A Mentor with Eve Hudson, Ph.D.)

After going on and on about how being first-generation in a BGLO has changed my life, exactly one week since J13, the National President for my sorority transitioned. While I was already planning for today to be a show pulled from the archives, it was crystal clear to me which one it needed to be. It's even more interesting that, at the time of this airing, it's just six days shy of a year from its original release. It feels like a reminder that we always have what we need to continue to press forward.

Nothing is comparable to the special kind of pain felt when a close mentor transitions. The pain is often associated with memories or moments that we’ve had with them, but more so the lessons they didn’t have time to teach us. It’s as if our personal journeys have lost direction, and we find ourselves suddenly lost. What we can’t see, in the blurriness of our pain, is that a true mentor never really dies. Their work lives on in us. Check out the full session notes: Join the Movement:

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