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Spring 2022: Session 210 (History Notes: Who is Going to Look Out for You? with Eve Hudson, Ph.D.)

We are taking this back to when I used to find myself feeling like once I graduated from college, especially in professional settings, people didn’t have my back. I spent a lot of time thinking that something was wrong with me, too. It was this unsettling feeling that because I was “grown” I was supposed to have the answers, but in several cases, I didn’t find that to be true. It made it hard to reach out, and even when I reached out, I'd find myself discouraged at the onset thinking that no one cared and would be dismissive. Even when I first started entrepreneurship, I had an experience that was an awakening for me about having my own back. So, then, what is one supposed to do in situations like this? Check out the full session notes: Join the movement: Track by The Boy:

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