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Spring 2022: Session 212 (How to Accept Change with Eve Hudson, Ph.D.)

Change is good. In fact, change is everywhere and happens every day. It can be as major as changing careers or as subtle as taking a different route to work or moving the furniture in your house. I know you already know this, but change is also inevitable and scary. And as humans, we are creatures of habit, so we don’t always like things that mess up our peace and security. But whether you like change or dislike what it does to your life, I believe we need to embrace it. It may impose better habits upon you, but it can also be stressful, destructive, and even career-ending. The good news is that you have control over how you anticipate and react to it. The even better news is that once you embrace it, you’ll adopt a whole new mindset. A mindset that will help you stop pursuing things that aren’t working, start doing things that could work better, and keep doing the things that work the best. Check out the full session notes: Join the movement:

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