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Spring 2022: Session 214 (New Friends or Nah? with Eve Hudson, Ph.D.)

Few things make a more influential impact in life than supportive and loving friends. Being able to depend on someone and having that person count on you in return is one massive flex. People might walk in and out of your life, but true friends will stay, and if they do leave, they'll have left a lasting footprint in your heart. That said, the question is, do we really need any more friends, especially as we grow older? If so, when do we stop making new friends? For me, building relationships with new people never stops. And while it might be different from how we made friends as kids, the same principles apply. Find people who have something in common with you or are working towards the same goals as you. But just never stop. You never know; your new friend might be the missing piece of your success puzzle. Check out the full session notes: Join the movement:

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